Especialidades de envasado

We manufacture packaging specialties. As a niche market player we are able to cater your specific needs.

A niche market player

Boxes made of solidboard contain heavy duty products for the agricultural,  fish, meat and flower packaging industry. We supply solidboard manufacturers a virgin fibre kraft liner as a white barrier on top of the board. The liner has a high water resistance and finishes the recycled board with our white smooth paper.

Benefits for your business
  • Inline coating abilities saving transport and waste costs
  • Consistent quality
  • High opacity


Nuestros especialidades de envasado


Lamicol, the basis paper for laminating, is a bleached kraft grade. It is available in grammages from 48 g/m2 upwards. The paper is suited for industrial applications such as laminating on solid board that is used for packaging fruit, meat, fish, etc. The product is approved by ISEGA for contact with foodstuffs.


Filmcol was developed for the packaging and storage of unexposed X-ray film and off set plates. For automatic processing in a dark room, the material must comply with strict requirements for stability, stiffness and air permeability. Since this pure high quality fibre board comes into direct contact with the film, it has characteristics special to this application. Filmcol complies with the requirements of the Photographic Activity Test.

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